K. I. Knight

K. I. Knight

About the Author

As a Genealogist the author believes, “If you CAN prove it, it’s Genealogy, if you CAN’T, it’s Mythology!” A statement frequently made among those who search the records of history looking for the all important clue. But, when a story appeared through the ashes of time she couldn’t shake Knight made the choice to write a Novel, the story was too important.

K I Knight is the author of the Epic series Fate & Freedom.”

The novels reveal the story of two young children, Margarita and Juan, stolen from the Kingdom of Ndongo, high in the central mountains of Angola, Africa during the Portuguese invasion. Brutally, they are enslaved and shipped some seven thousand miles away to their doom in the silver mines of Mexico. But, before the slaver can reach its destination the ship is pirated by two English corsairs and Margarita and Juan’s fate is set in motion by the Calvinist Reverend turned Privateer, Captain John Jope. Their new destination becomes a small English settlement which will eventually become known as America. The year is 1619.

Through the research completed by Knight, she traces the steps of the first Africans to arrive on American soil, at Point Comfort, Virginia, revealing a powerful story lost in the ashes of history. Holding true to her background as a genealogist, all characters, locations, and struggles are based on the documented evidence she discovered on her seven-year journey. Knight is a member of the National Genealogy Society, Florida State Genealogy Society, Virginia Genealogy Society, Virginia Historical Society, Florida Historical Society, Winter Garden Heritage Foundation, Association of Professional Genealogist, National Historical Maritime Museum, National Museum of African-American History and Culture, Project 1619, Florida Author and Publishers Association, Historical Novel Society, Florida Writers Association, National Association of Professional Women and the Director of 1619 Genealogy. A mother of three adult children, she lives in North Florida with her husband Tom and their two dogs and two cats.

For further information about Knight’s work you can visit http://firstfreedompublishing.com.