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Understanding Our History

How do we begin to understand our true history?  The answers lay somewhere within our most troubled past.  From America’s birth, much of our history was shrouded by lies and deceit and told and re-told by those in control with the power to meld a falsity to benefit their cause. How do I know this? […]

“Unveiled – The Twenty & Odd” to be released!

On May 18th, 2019 “Unveiled – The Twenty & Odd” will be released! This work will leave the world scratching its head, wondering where the current narrative regarding the first Africans came from. “Unveiled – The Twenty & Odd” will correct the narrative surrounding their landing, their numbers, and the events which effected their status. […]

Who Were the Three Africans taken from Bermuda to Leighs (Leez) Priory, Felsted, England in 1621

ANTHONY/ANTONIO One of the most documented early Africans to arrive in Virginia was Anthony/Antonio. Records show Anthony/Antonio arrived in Virginia on the ship ‘James’ from England in 1621.  Was he one of the first “twenty and odd” sold on the shores of the James River in August of 1619? The short answer is NO. However, […]

Our DNA has Memory

In the beginning, I didn’t understand where the desire came. I just knew it was there.  The desire quickly became a passion and consequently an addiction. Nine years ago, looking for my husband’s ancestors, I came across a woman whose allure was irresistible. As a genealogist, I find many significant people with vital stories throughout […]